24 May 2017


It has come to our attention that there is an untaxed (SORN) car parked in the Main Car Park; the car is a dark blue VW Polo. The covenants clearly state that untaxed cars are not permitted to be kept in the village and, certainly, not in the car park for a protracted period of time. Would the owner please arrange for removal of the vehicle as soon as possible or the Company will make arrangement for it's disposal. The Directors would also like to remind residents that parking of boats, commercial vehicles etc. are also not allowed under the covenants so removal of such, from both private parking spaces and the main car park, would be appreciated. Many thanks.

15 May 2017

Resurfacing works in village - next few days

There is some resurfacing works taking place in the village over the next few days. They will be doing a few areas to include; speed bump on main drive, raising sunken water meters on church lane, and repairs along from the bus stop and up the road to moorfields. The meter boxes may be raised and cordoned off for resurfacing later in the week. There may be some inconvenience as Church lane may be blocked by the works for some short periods so you may need to go out via tower lane. Thanks for your understanding.

3 May 2017

Water at Moorfields

There may be some disruption to the water supply to Moorfields today as South West Water will be attending to replace a stop cock. The works are due to start within the next 3 hours and should be completed today. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. In the unlikely event that you experience ongoing issues with your water following these works please contact South West Water direct.

4 April 2017

Escaped Tortoise!

Please drive with care, and keep your eyes open. Our tortoise has escaped. If you find him, please contact us. 01752 896645 or 07903 672662.

10 March 2017

Spring bulbs in Moorhaven

I had a very enjoyable stroll down the main drive, and back through the Aboretum and Formal Gardens on Thursday (after all the rain). A variety of daffodils and multi-coloured crocus (established and newly planted) created wonderful splashes of colour. The trees young and old looked well cared for,as did Moorhaven generally: thank you to Andy and Tom for doing a great job.

24 February 2017


South West Water have now located a burst water main. It is quite deep so will take a few days to repair. These works should be completed some time next week so you may experience some disruption to your water supplies during this time. Will let you know if anything changes!