28 March 2019

Lost cat

Please can you keep an eye out for an all black fluffy cat, especially in garages as sheds. He is wearing a red collar and answers to the name Mage.

22 August 2018


Residents are reminded that you and your visitors should only park in your own spaces or in spare bays in the Main Car Park NOT along the roads in the village. I have been advised that parking in the road near the car park has increased of late; this is, obviously, a danger as visibility around the junction (opposite the Pottery) to Blackadon Lane is already limited. If you have been parking here or know who has (please let them know - see below!) I would appreciate if you could ensure the vehicles are parking in accordance with the covenants in future. It would be a shame if we have to start painting double yellow lines round the village to stop inconsiderate parking. For information, we have recently published a printable notice, which you can download from the website, that you can use to advise people of parking violations / issues so please use those if appropriate. Some residents may not be aware of the parking rules so letting them know may nip the problems in the bud! It is not possible for me to police parking so it is helpful if everyone can help to educate residents and visitors. Many thanks!

12 August 2018

Dog Found

A gorgeous whippet style dog has followed my daughter home from walking our dog. Has anyone lost it?? Has a collar, but no tag... Anyone missing it???

13 July 2018


The AGM of Moorhaven Village Management Company Ltd is being held tonight in Bittaford Village Hall; starting at 7.30pm. Following the AGM there will be an Open Forum to give all residents the opportunity to make suggestions and pose queries. Hope to see as many of you as possible later but please note, whilst all residents are welcome to the Open Forum only Shareholders are entitled to attend the formal AGM.

9 July 2018


Advance notice that there will be a contractor on site to carry out road repairs for 2 or 3 days starting next Monday, 16th July. They will be working in several areas of the village but the area that will need extra caution is the stretch between the bus stop and the main car park; the road is narrow and there is quite a lot of work that needs doing. Please take care whilst the works are being undertaken and, if possible, avoid the areas in which they are working. Thanks for your cooperation.

18 May 2018

Picnic - Saturday afternoon

There was a fantastic Moorhaven street party for the last Royal wedding – I don’t have the capacity to organise anything as good as this, but as the weather is looking nice, if anyone is around on Saturday afternoon, a few of us are thinking we might head out to the formal gardens for a picnic and a few drinks. We will be on the Croquet Lawn from around 3pm if anyone would like to join!